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Game with chat

game online with custom servers

Personal Redeployable PCs

Create a nix config for deploying and redeploying my own computers

Started: 11 Apr 2024

Sky Games

Created a menu to navigate the archived games of british history.

Started: 29 Jun 2023

Sky Guide

Started: 28 Jun 2023

Bean Co Official Website

A website to host a collection of random things

Started: 11 Sep 2022

PT Community Project

Started: 12 Jun 2022


Bot for for posting an rss feed to discord

Started: 17 May 2022

Balancemod Main Site

I have rewritten the whole website to jekyll so that i can work on it

Started: 30 Mar 2022

CreatorsTF Posterity Website

A website to show the history of and who worked on it to live on for all of time without costing them any money to host.

Started: 28 Mar 2022


a discord bot that combines the functionalities of every discord bot I've ever made, as well as having a web front end where you can manage what features a server has.

Tumble Yellow Dark

Started: 8 Oct 2021

PPA Template

Create your own PPA for Debian and Arch LInux

Started: 23 Sep 2021

Tv Launcher

I will attempt to create a Linux Application Launcher for Linux on the TV

Started: 22 Sep 2021

Portfolio Redesign

this website

Started: 16 Sep 2021

Creators.TF Website NextJS Rewrite

Rewrite of the whole website to move from PHP to Angular

Started: 4 Sep 2021


Wrapper for APT in the style of YAY

Started: 8 Aug 2021

Hello World

Port hello world to every platform

Started: 30 Jun 2021

Creators.TF website

I work on the website

Started: 9 Jun 2021


Peer To Peer Messaging Service

Started: 17 Mar 2021


Crossplatform audio mixer

Started: 15 Nov 2020

Antenna BC

Proximety Voice Chat for Box Critters

Started: 24 Sep 2020

Box Critters Community Tracker

Item, Room, Player and Critter Tracker and Lookeruper for Box Critters

Started: 20 Sep 2020


Modular cross platform game engine from scratch

Started: 1 Sep 2020


Minimalistic GNU for JS

Started: 1 Aug 2020

Custom Character

Story based MMO where you can draw your own character

Started: 27 Jun 2020

Boat Race

A multiplayer game made of teams of 2 people x ship. The objective is to arrive to the finish line first, avoiding obstacles and attacks arriving from other teams.

Started: 16 Jun 2020

BC Shaders

Create shaders for boxcritters

Started: 30 Apr 2020

Cross Cavern Game

Started: 6 Jan 2020

Project Critality

VR Client for Box Critters

Started: 14 Oct 2019

BCMC Modding API Server

API Sever to help locate the ever changing asset urls in box critters

Started: 26 Apr 2019

Box Critters Texture Pack Manager

This extention lets you easily switch between different themes, add new themes and create new themes.

Started: 25 Apr 2019

Poly Pickle

Talk between servers

Started: 16 May 2018

Socket.IO Points Game

This is one of my first uses of

Started: 16 Dec 2017

ASCII Breakout Game

LJMU Coursework

Started: 11 Dec 2017

Story Creator

Web game were people have to make stories one word at a time

Started: 21 Nov 2017


In this game you try to grow your cookie business to attract more customers and maybe even the rich.

Started: 2 Nov 2017

Batch Set Cursor

Set the cursor position in batch

Started: 14 Sep 2017

Ram Size Calculator

Started: 23 May 2017

TumbleNet CSS

Started: 24 Mar 2017


My First Minecraft Resource Pack

Started: 19 Jan 2017

EPQ Project

Researching different keyboard layouts such as upside-down keyboard

Started: 19 Jan 2017

Tumble Network Download Center

A place where I would distribute downloads

Started: 19 Jan 2017

Batch Arrays

Added the high level programming feature of arrays into Batch.

Started: 19 Jan 2017

Brain F*** to Batch Converter

Convert from BrainF*** to Batch

Started: 8 Nov 2016

TumbleNet Website

Started: 24 Oct 2016

Video Game Catalogue

Catalogue your games collection

Started: 7 Oct 2016


Started: 12 Feb 2016

First Person Test

My First 3D Game Using Unity

Started: 6 Dec 2015

Tumble NetBrowse

I made a Web Browser using Windows Forms

Started: 15 Nov 2015

Pizza Parkour

Started: 25 Sep 2015