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Game with chat

game online with custom servers

Hello World

Port hello world to every platform

Started: 30 Jun 2021


Crossplatform audio mixer

Started: 15 Nov 2020


Modular cross platform game engine from scratch

Started: 1 Sep 2020

Project Critality

VR Client for Box Critters

Started: 14 Oct 2019

ASCII Breakout Game

LJMU Coursework

Started: 11 Dec 2017

Batch Set Cursor

Set the cursor position in batch

Started: 14 Sep 2017

Batch Arrays

Added the high level programming feature of arrays into Batch.

Started: 19 Jan 2017

Brain F*** to Batch Converter

Convert from BrainF*** to Batch

Started: 8 Nov 2016

Video Game Catalogue

Catalogue your games collection

Started: 7 Oct 2016

First Person Test

My First 3D Game Using Unity

Started: 6 Dec 2015

Tumble NetBrowse

I made a Web Browser using Windows Forms

Started: 15 Nov 2015

Pizza Parkour

Started: 25 Sep 2015