I am Cameron Trow, an autistic Nintendo enthusiast that is obsessed with computers. I am currently studying in The Studio(  I mainly want to apply for jobs related to computers because the industry is heading towards using being technology dependent such as robots and automatic technology. I am on the autistic spectrum as aspergers, and I also have ADHD, and approach life in a different angle.

I also own a pseudo business called Tumble Gamer with a slogan of “where gamers unite” which I randomly came up with when making a website for it and ever since it stuck. Tumble Gamer is mainly a YouTube channel/website about gaming, since the creation of the website I have been planning on writing reviews for games, even going as far as making the label of the link to the website being “game reviews and more…”(|

I have interests of Video games and YouTube, but my main interest is Computers. I mainly got into computer science through playing Minecraft, when I was using it to build a computer and through that, I learned things like binary, logic gates, the components of a computer and more. I got into web design and game development through Google by querying, “make your own __” and I filled in the blank with whatever I wanted to make at the time; including; maze, game, website, map, menu and more.

I also like Maths and I’m very curious about it too and I’m always wanting to learn more, and outside of school/college I’m learning things that is slightly higher level than what I’m currently studying. In Maths I mostly enjoy the things like Dijkstra’s Algorithm where you find the shortest path from any two points.

In Computer Science I think I mostly like the stuff to do with binary and logic gates because as I said above I learnt from Minecraft. The computing language I’m good at the most is batch, but if I had to choose a programing language I would have to choose C# as I’m learning that in college and sort of have to code in that.

In ICT I’m learning about the physical parts of a computer and using the computer, but not to do with digging deep of how things work. Unit 2 of ICT inspired me to start building a computer from scratch.

Outside of school I’m able to play the piano; I enjoy mostly playing songs from video games I like. I can also solve the Rubik’s cube (but not very fast, and I haven’t timed myself yet). In addition, I have a Raspberry Pi, which i use to tinker with to see what I can do with it.

I have done work experience at Hope University in a printing room, and I have also done work experience in Barclays Bank; where I got to be a desk person and I was good at withdrawing and depositing.

In my old school I was a prefect for 2 years and in my college I am currently a Technology Ambassador and on my second year of college I got elected as manifesto deputy rep.