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We where all in one rooms with other people showcasing what they have made and some of the companies of Liverpool coming and seeing what people have made.

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We also had a questionnaire that people filled out and here are the results…

Questionnaire Results


Name Ideas

  • Medi-Note
  • Med-Sched
  • Ready Medi

Opinions on Current name: “Medification”


  • Easy to remember, you’d probably get it in Google searches for “medication”.
  • Medi - implies information about medicines
  • it fits
  • it clearly states what the app does as well as what it involves which still is understandable.
  • Catchy name + describes the product
  • you know what it is for


  • not obvious what it’s about!
  • needs to say what it does

Feature Ideas

  • Reminder to get more tablets when you run out#

Target Audience

  • Early stages of dementia
  • Stroke victims with cognitive/ memory issues
  • Forgetful people
  • people taking lots of meds.
  • everyone who take regular medication & need repeat prescriptions.